Tuesday, 20 May 2014

CRM 2013 Change CRM 2013 Online Organization Friendly Name

Sometimes I need to change the Organization Friendly Name in CRM 2013 Online, especially for demo, let’s say I use same Organization Instance in CRM Online for demo to more than 1 company.
Here is the step to achieve that :

1. Go to Portal


1 go to portal

2. Go to service settings

2 go to service settings

3. Go to Dynamics CRM in the second top tab

3 go to Dynamics CRM

4. Go to Manage Dynamics CRM Settings

4 manage dynamics crm setting

5. Choose your MSCRM Online instance.

Then, edit The Name

5 Edit the name

6. Modify the friendly name.

6 Edit instances

*It maybe takes some time to see the changing.

Hope it helps!

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